Supporting our farmers

At The a2 Milk Company we value farmers and are committed to supporting our a2 MilkTM farming community.

The a2 Milk Company plans for Kyabram milk factory a boost for local farmers

The a2 Milk Company has struck a new agreement with Kyvalley Dairy Group, expanding our long-standing supply and processing alliance to include acquisition of Kyvalley Dairy’s milk processing facilities in Kyabram, Victoria, and funding for the expansion and upgrade of those facilities.

The new investment by The a2 Milk Company is welcomed by the Kyabram community as it will support our local dairy farming families secure long-term supply opportunities, provide long term employment opportunities for the region, and of course help us continue to meet growing demand for our a2 Milk™.  The upgrades will commence in 2021.

Drought care

Since 2018, The a2 Milk Company has made lump sum payments directly to a2 MilkTM farming families to help manage the impact of the drought.

 These are some of their stories.

a2 Milk™ and Landcare

Four a2 Milk™ farmers will be awarded funding for projects through the a2 Milk™ Landcare grants program. This will help them respond to challenges and enhance the sustainability of their operations.

The funding will help farmers undertake projects focused on a variety of initiatives, such as increased use of solar power, implementation of technology to reduce energy consumption, revegetation to reduce soil erosion and improve water quality, and the recycling of waste water.

Our farmers

At The a2 Milk Company we truly value the efforts of our dairy farmers who are all long term partners. We haven’t reduced milk payments to our farmers and we’ll continue to pay them a premium for supply of a2 Milk™.

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An association between consumption of 3 serves of dairy foods containing A1 beta-casein and digestive discomfort, in some individuals, has been established by a process of systematic review. a2 Milk™ is free from A1 beta-casein. The NHMRC recommends a healthy diet including up to 4 serves of dairy foods/day.

*A1 and A2 proteins refer to A1 and A2 beta-casein protein types

a2 Milk™ is a trade mark of, and brand of A1 protein-free milk from, The a2 Milk Company Limited